Sunday, September 13, 2009

09/13 Daiy Trading on hold

I have been abscent from day-trading lately, as I mentioned before, I have started a new Project Management job and this leaves me with limited time I can dedicate to trading. Because of that limitation I have decided to focus on what I can do best currently: non-directional options trading.

So, I replaced the intra-day time with backtesting options trading. This allows me to stay in trading mode, but with the limited time I don't feel overwhelmed trying to do too many things at once.

As time goes by I expect to resume day-trading, but for now, feel free to follow my options trading blog/Journal for what I'm doing daily.

take care!


  1. Fale Rodrigo! Continuo te acompanhando pelo BLOG! Ainda não meti a cara...mas estou pensando em começar. Se tiver dúvidas, posso te perturbar?

  2. Fala Guilherme! Pode ir acompanhando sim, faz tempo que eu nao trade FOREX, pois meu tempo estah super limitado. Eu continuo trading options direto, pois as estrategias nao exigem ficar acompanhando o preco durante o dia..