Friday, May 1, 2009


My morning session started very well. I was focused and very alert. Took a loss by not paying attention to the news calendar for the day. After that, I had a few trades that I scratched because they did not reach the target right away.

Once I realized I needed to work on this "scratching" urge, I decided to be smarter about it and set up a way to manage my stop loss without getting out of the opportunity all together. So I've decided to work on moving my stop to the previous's candle low every time a candle closes. Added this on my list to work on in the afternoon session.

For the afternoon session, I was feeling pretty upset with my income trades. Realizing it was time to get my head on the game, I did a quick visualization excercise and then a few stretches. This helped me a lot! I got on the session with renewed attention and focus.

Today I created my checklist to work on pre-session and post-session. This will help me track progress and ensure I'm checking the ocean before jumping in.

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