Wednesday, June 17, 2009

06/17 FOREX Trades

I started trading FOREX once again, that's how I started as a trader and it feels good to come back at it with a lot more experience than before. I am trading with the team, and it really helps to have a few like-minded traders sharing their ideas and trade set-ups.

Today's trading session was great! I did make two mistakes and now have something to work on for the week:
1) Certainty with market orders: I hesitated twice in a EUR/USD set-up, the first time I got filled late and didn't weather the retracement, the second time I got filled late again, but was able to take a few pips out of the trade

2) Only good entries: The first time I exited the EUR/USD trade, I chased the trade and ended up buying the top. Once I realized the mistake I exited, and even though that set me back to 0, it didn't take me out of the game, I was able to get back once again and finish profitable for the day.

1) Long GBP/USD: It had broken the SMA 55, I didn't take the first wave, but got in the second, once the price hesitated at the top I exited.

2) Short EUR/USD: I was observing the 1-min triangle, notice how price got smaller and smaller, fitting nicely into the funnel. This to me is a signal of pending break-out movement. Once we broke and retraced I got in. Exited at the fibo projection.

3) Shor EUR/USD: Once again, got in the second wave of the triangle-breakout. I closed it once I realized I had an entry order to go back in, ended up getting 0.1+
4) Short EUR/USD: Had this clear 5-min 1-2-3 set-up, it was confirmed by the trading team, so I got in, took the heat, but everyone was noticing the same direction in other currency pairs, so I stayed in the trade, closed at the target with +5

5) Long EUR/USD (two mistakes in a row): Here is where I chased my own tail, first I got in late and closed out the position, second I chased the trade, and as it turns out, set me back down (-10). The set-up worked very nicely. I have set myself two goals to work on and improve my execution.

6) Long EUR/USD: This is a clear 1-2-3 set-up, confirmed by the trading team. I got in, was executed 2 pips late, but still managed to take profits on the trade.

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