Wednesday, August 12, 2009

08/12 Day Trading FOREX - FMOC

After a lousy morning session, I did some soul searching and came back much better focused and ready to tackle the FMOC trading opportunity. Due to my morning trades, the only way for me to get back in was by reducing my trading size. This way I could focus on price movement and not on the P&L performance.
This resulted in a much better trading session. All trades were taken in the 1 min chart, using a fixed 15 pips stop.

1) Short EUR/USD: Right after the announcement, we made a low, retraced and I got in as soon as we started on a new low. This entry was made with an ENTRY order, that made it a lot easier for me. Wanted to go to the Fibo gap, but price started to retrace back up so I exited around B/E. +0.16% ROI

2) Re-entry Short EUR/USD: We made a retracement, I got in as soon as we started on a new low, exited a bit beyond the Previous Low. +1.2% ROI

3) Last entry: Short EUR/USD: When we bounced up, I took a sell after it bounced from the EMA 5 and started heading lower again. +0.8% ROI


  1. is there anyway to email you in order to ask a few trading questions?


  2. Hi there, there is no way for me to email you from the comments session. Just leave me another comment with your email.

    I won't publish the comment with the email address, I'll just use it to send you a note so you can reply and ask the question.

    Take care!

  3. I trade the us markets (starting around 7 - 7:15 CT)