Thursday, August 20, 2009

08/20 Day Trading FOREX

We chopped around most of the trading session. I took a few small reversal trades on the 1-minute chart. Whenever the breakout showed up, I went for it and got reversed right away. The current environment coupled with my increase in size is not a good combination. I'll review all my trades over the weekend and may reduce my size going forward.

Next week won't be day trading due to a conflict training I have scheduled in the mornings.

I have been video recording my trading sessions with camstasia. This has helped me a lot when I do a daily review. It also saves time and allows me to record my audio, which helps me to assess my state of mind when I took the trade and specially to flag if I'm trading "in the zone" or frustrated..

1) Long GBP/USD: This is the breakout trade, GBP failed to continue and faded back to hit my stop. -1.21% ROI

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