Friday, July 10, 2009

07/10 Weekly Summary

I was unable to trade FOREX for the past few days due to lack of Internet connection, the problem started on the 8th and continued until the end of day Today. Being in Brazil I got a new appreciation for how easy it is to have Wi-Fi in the US, in a similar situation all you needed to do was walk over a Starbucks store..

One way or another, I got a wireless Broadband card, thanks to a 3G mobile network. This will be fine for us as a back up, it is always important to keep a backup in this business. I'll be posting later this weekend and establish a basic but effective technology back up and recovery plan for my trading business.

So, this was a very short week for me, short in number of trades, short in number of successful trades. Here are the numbers: 8 trades, 3 wins, 5 losses (37.2% win-ratio). Early on the week I had several trades stopped out because I moved the stop too close to the fire, remember from last week, I'm adjusting the way I handle my stops, so some fine tunning is still in order. Keeping this as the goal for next week.

07/06 - 4 trades; 1 win, 3 losses
07/07 - 2 trades; 2 losses
07/08 - 2 trades; 2 wins

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