Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07/22 Day Trading FOREX

Today was a good day, I only took one trade, it worked, unfortunately, it first tricked me into it and stopped me out, then it worked on the second try. I am glad I was confident enough in the set-up to take it on the second try.

I also went for a run at the beach this morning, it helps me by giving an extra energy reserve, allowing me to stay focused longer and to not fall into a blame-game when a whipsaw takes me out of a good set-up, like it happened Today. If I don't excercise early in the morning, I end up needing more coffee to stay alert, then it triggers anxiety.. My trading is a lot smoother when I have time to do some morning workout activity

Capital Allocation: B -- I misscalculated the Size of the GBP/USD profit target, took it with 1 extra lot on the first time.
Keeping Limits: A+
Stop Management: A+
Trade Set-up: B -- I missed a great set-up on the AUD/USD, also got whipsawed on a good GBP/USD trade.
Daily Result: -1%

1) Short GBP/USD: Whipsawed and got into the trade by a fraction of a pip, ended up hitting my stop. -4.03%

2) Short GBP/USD: Took the same entry, now it worked. It did however take some heat on its way down, the GBP wasn't moving fast during this time. +3.15%

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